Night & Day Blinds

Sovereign Night & Day Blinds let you enjoy your room fully no matter the time of day. Day or night you can enjoy the sun, enjoy a bit of privacy but most importantly, enjoy complete control over the light coming into your home. This unique, double layered roller blind is half voile, half regular roller blind and will revolutionise the way you shade your space, all while looking great in a colour, style & finish of your choice.

With a Night & Day Blind you get two stunning styles in one blind. Whether you are looking to let in the light or shut down for sleep, these blinds allow you to do so with their inventive design. As you roll it down, alternating strips of fabric slide against one-another to switch between a block of colour and a stylish set of stripes. Stand out from the crowd and make a statement. Discover our full collection of high-quality, contemporary Night and Day blinds at Sovereign Blinds. Additionally, our expert measuring and fitting service ensures a perfect fit for optimum performance.

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